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Security Consulting

With the rising risks of criminal activity and acts of terrorism in our country, security guards should be prepared to mitigate threats and become a force multiplier with Law Enforcement in the efforts of preventing crime. Security guards should be trained at a higher caliber, so they understand the fundamentals of protection to carry out mission objectives to deter, detect, delay and respond to potential threats. A security guards main mission is to protect a client’s assets which include people, property and the reputation of the organization. Our security guards are ambassadors of the clients they protect, ensuring top quality security services and professionalism. DeltaCon security guards are trained above industry standards and are hand selected from our training academy. No other security guard company has the leadership and security backgrounds that DeltaCon Security leadership brings to our clients.

DeltaCon Security offers three levels of security protection services that are customized to our client’s requirements. Through our security training capabilities, our staff is the best trained in the industry. Every security officer is a first responder certified in First Aid, CPR and with an AED. Our armed security officers who are Special Response Officers (SRO) are trained Sharpshooters and must pass intensive training requirements to be qualified as an SRO, and this also includes certifications in non-lethal weapons and emergency management.

  • Elite Security Officers
  • Special Response Officers
  • Protection Specialist


When it comes to Security and Investigation training that is far ahead of State and industry standards, DeltaCon is unrivalled. Our training staff is comprised of Instructors with a wide array of experience and knowledge in a variety of fields and occupation including Military, Law Enforcement, Investigations, Border Protection and Private Security.

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