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Security Services

Our Security and Investigation Officers are highly trained at our Security and Tactical Academies to provide top notch protective services that are tailored to your specific needs. We are proud to have in our ranks, dedicated and experienced military Veterans of all branches of the United States Military, current and former Law Enforcement Officers, Correctional Officers and time-tested Security Officers. Some have College Degrees and or backgrounds in Criminal Justice and related fields, Psychology, Computer Science, Forensics, Cybersecurity, Management and Administration. Our Family is unique in its talent base, diversity and teamwork. DeltaCon has a licensed in-house Investigations Unit that conducts the most extensive background check for all its Employees. At DeltaCon, our mantra is that training brings knowledge, which empowers you to the greatest heights possible, including the knowledge to provide Security and Safety for our Clients and their Assets. We never forget that our Clients are the reason we are still in business. Apart from the training our Officer received while they served in the Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Private Security, we augment their credentials with a rigorous and rewarding training regimen at our two Training Schools. Many of them hold additional certifications American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Fedvte, American Correctional Association (ACA), Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). DeltaCon places a strong emphasis on Continuing Education and Excellent Customer Service.

Our Officers’ background gives them unique advantage of adaptability and flexibility that enables them to train to standard and custom as dictated in the Statement of Work (SOW).


  • Port of Entry – (Airports, Seaports, Land Borders, etc.) Security
  • Military and Ancillary Facilities Entry Control Points (ECP)
  • Warehouses, Construction sites and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hospital, Clinics, Healthcare Centers, Pharmacies etc.
  • Foreign Embassies and Consulates (U.S. and Abroad)
  • NGO Entities and Non-profit Organizations
  • Critical Infrastructures including Nuclear, Oil, Gas, and Energy facilities
  • Financial Institutions, Shopping Centers
  • Resorts, Parks, Hotels, Casinos, Theatres, Clubs and Bars
  • Institutions of Learning – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
  • Cities, Counties, States and Federal Buildings
  • Detainees and Prisoners Management
  • HOAs, Gated Residential Communities, Apartment Buildings.
  • Places of Worship Protection
  • Private and Personal Events Security


When it comes to Security and Investigation training that is far ahead of State and industry standards, DeltaCon is unrivalled. Our training staff is comprised of Instructors with a wide array of experience and knowledge in a variety of fields and occupation including Military, Law Enforcement, Investigations, Border Protection and Private Security.

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