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Security Academy

TX LICENSE #: F06299501

DeltaCon Security Academy is a national leading training school for new Security Officers and Private Investigators. Our Academy Instructor Cadre providethe most relevant and up to date training in compliance with the Texas Department of Public Safety RSD, while augmenting the approved training curriculum with advanced and real-time situations and interactive scenarios. The Academy is licensed by the State of Texas to provide leveI II (Non-commissioned Officers-Unarmed), Level III (Commissioned Officers -Armed), and Level lV (Personal Protection Officers) certifications. At DeltaCon, meeting the minimum requirements is just not enough. That is why we have partnered with other National and International Agencies/Organizations to facilitate additional and relevant training that produces the most well-rounded Officers in the United States and abroad.


The Level II Training Course and test is required of all non-commissioned Security Officers, commissioned Security Officers and Personal Protection Officers. This training course is administered by DeltaCon Academy. We hold our training curriculum to the highest level of scrutiny as we far exceed the Texas State and Security Industry standards forour training. It is our core belief that this basic level of Security Officer certification must establish a solidfoundation and blueprintfor a very challenging and rewarding career. That is why we have added some of the courses from ourTactical Academy tothe Level II certification.


Pre-Requisite(s): Completion of Private Security Level II course.

The Level III Training Course (minimum 45 hours) and test (including course of fire) is required for all commissioned Security Officers and Personal Protection Officers. The demonstration of firearm proficiency must be completed within 90 days of the application date. Our elite team of Instructors will take you through the firing range portion one-on-one to enable you attain a tactical advantage with regards to firearm deployment and attendant regulations.


Pre-Requisite(s): Completion of Private Security Level III course.

The Level IV Training Course and test is required for allPersonal Protection Officers. To qualify for licensing asPersonal Protection Officer (PPO), a candidate must have completed all the pre-requisites for Level III certification. Executive Protection Service is a very important and rewarding function that requires you to be in top physical condition while maintaining your tactical and technical proficiency in all aspects of protection. DeltaCon goes above and beyond the minimum required training to ensure that you are well rounded for the task. Whether you are assigned to protect a Hollywood celebrity, Corporate Executive, Foreign Dignitary, Government Official or a private citizen, no two missions are alike. We employ the latest defense tactics and utilize intelligence sources to develop our unique training curriculum.


Pre-Requisite(s): Completion of Private Security Level III course.

The Texas Private Security Board has approved training on the use of a chemical dispensing device when administered to a Security Officer who has successfully completed the board approved Level III training. Successful completion of this course certifies and authorizes a Security Officer to utilize this non-lethal weapon to gain compliance in the course of performing assigned duties as deemed necessary. This provides an additional layer of protection for our Security Officers in the execution of assigned duties.


When it comes to Security and Investigation training that is far ahead of State and industry standards, DeltaCon is unrivalled. Our training staff is comprised of Instructors with a wide array of experience and knowledge in a variety of fields and occupation including Military, Law Enforcement, Investigations, Border Protection and Private Security.

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