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DeltaCon Global is one of the very few Corporations that is licensed to provide both Security and Investigation services, and conduct training to include advanced continuing education for licensed security and Investigations professionals at its two Academies. It is a dual responsibility that we hold dearly. That is why we hire a cadre of exceptional instructors with diverse knowledge and experience, especially in our services fields. DeltaCon can provide any number of required Officers for any project anywhere around the world, because apart from owning our own training schools, we also have an in-house extensive pre-employment background check system performed by DeltaCon Investigations Unit.



Commercial facilities and are the lifeline of the American way of life. This reality also comes attendant necessity to protect these assets and the mass of people that visit these establishments daily. DeltaCon has always stood shoulder above others in the Security Industry by being pro-active in our training and preparedness for the management of mass gathering, emergencies and evacuation. Our trainings are tailored to specific needs. We have also added Mass Gatherings Security Awareness for Soft Targets and Crowded Places to our Commercial Sector Series training schedule on a continuous basis.

Entertainment and Media
Motion picture studios, broadcast media, award shows, movie sets, concerts, festivals, movie theatres

Casinos, games centers, Lodging, hotels, motels, conference centers, Resorts, bars and clubs.

Outdoor Events
Theme and amusement parks, fairs, campgrounds, parades, marathons Public Assembly arenas, stadiums, aquariums, zoos, museums, convention centers, rallies,

Real Estate
Office and apartment buildings, condominiums, HOA, mixed use facilities, self-storage, auto dealerships, financial institutions.

Retail centers and districts, shopping malls.

Sports Leagues
Professional sports leagues and federations


Houses of Worship (HOW)
Our Houses of Worship (HOW) (Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples etc.) are the most hallowed places where all are expected to have the peace of mind to worship as they please, without let or hindrance and devoid of fear for life or safety. Security and Worship can be successfully blended for those who worship in your facility. No House of Worship is exempt from crime, whether committed by an internal member, a stranger, or as a random act of terrorism. At DeltaCon, wehave Officers trained for the role of maintaining order, keeping vigil and protecting all congregants and guests they perform this very sacred activity.

Educational Institutions
These institutions are the building blocks of the future, greatness and legacy of the U.S.Every parent/guardian in America or anywhere in the world should have the assurance that when their children and other loved ones are at any learning environment, they are protected and kept safe.


DeltaCon understands the unique and sensitive nature of patients and clients’ management at the various institutions including Hospitals, Clinics, Behavioral Centers, Nursing and Assisted Living Homes, Veterans and Community Health Centers, Pharmacies. Our Officers are trained to understand and protect the privacy and safety of everyone while providing excellent security services.


Aviation and Airport Services
We offer customized security services at airports, heliports, and landing strips, other commercial aviation services to include civil and joint-use military airports and sea plane bases. In addition, DeltaCon deliverssecurity for a wide-variety of support services, such as airport screening services, cargo inspections, aircraft repair stations, fueling facilities, navigation aids, and flight schools.

Highway and Motor Carrier
As a result of our pro-active and continuing specialized training, DeltaCon has Officers trained to secure bridges, tunnels, truck, including those carrying sensitive items and hazardous materials.

Maritime Transportation
We offer protection services for coastline, ports, waterways, and other landside connections that allow the various modes of transportation to move people and goods to, from, and on the water. We understand how critical this is to the heartbeat of Texas and U.S. socio-economic development. Our services also include protecting ocean going vessels like Cruise Ships, Cargo Ships, Crude tankers, Product tankers and private yachts.

Passenger Rail and Mass Transit
It is estimated that Public transportation and passenger rail operations provided over 10 billion passenger trips in2016. At DeltaCon, we understand what it takes to protectdiversemasstransport modes to include terminals, transit buses, trolley buses, mono-rails, heavy rails (subways/metros). DeltaCon is primed to provide personnel to work on operational systems and supporting infrastructures.


Deltacon offers specific security services and contracting to protect thousands of miles of critical railroads, locomotives/trains and freight cars.


There are approximately 7,000 miles along the U.S. border and 95,000 miles of U.S. shoreline. Daily, over a million people visit the U.S. and enter through one of the more than 300 official ports of entry into the U.S., as well as through seaports and international airports. At DeltaCon, the Tactical Security Academy is licensed by the State of Texas and puts our Officers through a rigorous one-of-a-kind training that prepares them for work in all aspects of Border Security. Our Officers are deployable anywhere around the globe, usually augmenting Government’s security apparatus, and achieving pre-set objectives. Our training is customizable to your specific requirements.


At Deltacon, we are flexible with our services for your private and personal events to include weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, meetings, conferences etc. We assist with uniformed or plain- clothedSecurity Officers to conduct pre-event security assessment, screen your party guests, usher them into your event, manage entrance and exit routes, provide mobile patrols to keep your guests, vehicles and valuables safe, respond to emergencies and execute evacuation procedure when necessary. Our Officers receive the most up-to-date training in all aspects of private events management to ensure that you and your guest are adequately protected at your memorable private and special occasions.


When it comes to Security and Investigation training that is far ahead of State and industry standards, DeltaCon is unrivalled. Our training staff is comprised of Instructors with a wide array of experience and knowledge in a variety of fields and occupation including Military, Law Enforcement, Investigations, Border Protection and Private Security.

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