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The Deltacon Training Advantage

Deltacon Global is the only Private Security Guard company in Texas that has its own Texas DPS-licensed Security Training Academies, as well as its own in-house licensed Instructors holding all the possible Instructor Licenses in private security.

  • Level I Alarm Instructor
  • Level III Classroom Instructor
  • Level III Firearms Instructor
  • Level IV Personal Protection Instructor
  • Continuing Education Instructor

We also have Red Cross in-house Instructors.

We conduct required licensing training in accordance with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security – Regulatory Services Division (DPSRSD) requirements.

Our team of instructors also provides other security and industry-related training, including programs that serve the unique needs of each client. Deltacon has a Training Provider Agreement with the American Red Cross to train and certify our Guards in CPR, First Aid, and AED.

We are constantly developing new private security training curricula.

Continuing Education Training

Deltacon Tactical Academy (TX license Y07327301) is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety and Private Security Bureau to provide continuing education training

An application to renew an individual license may not be submitted until the required minimum hours of department approved continuing education credits have been earned in accordance with Texas Administrative Code 35.161.   

Proof of the required continuing education must be maintained by the employer and contained in the personnel file of the individual license holder's employing company.  All individual license holders shall indicate they have completed the required minimum hours of department approved continuing education credits on their application for renewal.

We provide all approved CE courses Private Security, Private Investigation, Alarm, Locksmith and Electronic Access.

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Private Security Level II Unarmed, Non-Commissioned Certification

The Level II Training Course and test is required of all non-commissioned Security Officers, commissioned Security Officers, and Personal Protection Officers. This training course is administered by Deltacon Academy.

We hold our training curriculum to the highest level of scrutiny as we far exceed the Texas State and Security Industry standards for our training. It is our core belief that this basic level of Security Officer certification must establish a solid foundation and blueprint for a very challenging and rewarding career.

That is why we have added some of the courses from our Tactical Academy Level II certification.

Private Security Level III Armed, Commissioned Certification

Pre-Requisite(s): Completion of Private Security Level II course.

The Level III Training Course (minimum 45 hours) and test (including course of fire) is required for all commissioned Security Officers and Personal Protection Officers. The demonstration of firearm proficiency must be completed within 90 days of the application date.

Our elite team of instructors will take you through the firing range portion, one-on-one, to enable you to attain a tactical advantage with regards to firearm deployment and attendant regulations.

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Private Security Level IV Personal Protection Officers’ Certification

The Level IV Training Course and test is required for all Personal Protection Officers. To qualify for licensing as Personal Protection Officer (PPO), a candidate must have completed all the pre-requisites for Level III certification.

Executive Protection Service is a very important and rewarding function that requires you to be in top physical condition while maintaining your tactical and technical proficiency in all aspects of protection.

We employ the latest defense tactics and utilize intelligence sources to develop our unique training curriculum.

Private Security Approved Pepper Spray Training Course

Pre-Requisite(s): Completion of Private Security Level III course.

The Texas Private Security Board has approved training on the use of a chemical dispensing device when administered to a security officer who has successfully completed the board-approved Level III training.

Successful completion of this course certifies and authorizes a security officer to utilize this non-lethal weapon to gain compliance in the course of performing assigned duties as deemed necessary.

This provides an additional layer of protection for our Security Officers in the execution of assigned duties.

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Tactical Academy TX License #: Y07327301

When it comes to security and investigation training that is far ahead of state and industry standards, Deltacon is unrivaled.

Our training staff is comprised of instructors with a wide array of experience and knowledge in a variety of fields and occupations including military, law enforcement, investigations, border protection, and private security.

This elite group is dedicated to ensuring the best and most tactically proficient officers are trained and deployed to all parts of the world to provide first-class protection for lives and properties.

Deltacon knows how vital it is for you to know that no matter the difficulty of the task or mission, you are covered.

Level IV Personal Protection Officer Re-Certification Course

This is the only course authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety for all Personal Protection Officers to take annually to continue to maintain their license.

Executive Protection Services is a very important and rewarding work that requires you to be in top physical condition while maintaining your tactical and technical proficiency in all aspects of protection.

Deltacon goes above and beyond the minimum required training to ensure that you are prepared for the task ahead.

Whether you are assigned to protect a Hollywood celebrity, corporate executive, foreign dignitary, government official, or private citizen, no two missions are alike. We employ the latest defense tactics and utilize intelligence sources to develop our unique training curriculum.

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Level III Armed and Commissioned Security Officer Re-Certification Course

Successful completion of this course qualifies you to renew your commissioned and armed Security Officer license. This course covers the required state-approved curriculum required by The Texas Department of Public Safety.

It is comprised of classroom and shooting range portions and a candidate MUST pass both to earn a re-certification.

Deltacon has added additional advanced training to the curriculum. This makes our training one of the most tactically challenging courses, well above state requirements and industry training standards.

License to Carry (LTC) Certification

Deltacon Global is licensed by the great State of Texas to provide both the classroom and shooting range qualification portions to establish the requirements needed for individual certification for a License to Carry a Handgun.

Our teaching staff includes former military personnel and police officers who will provide one-on-one training, information regarding buying your first handgun, and Texas License to Carry a Handgun Laws.

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Combatives: Tactical Offense and Defense

There will be situations where an assailant is already in your personal space before you know it. Your flight or flight response options are immediately activated.

This course is tailored not just to teach you how to defend yourself or go on the offense in the face of perceived or imminent danger, it will also help you understand the effect of your response and what you do thereafter can help you neutralize a potential threat to you, your family, friends, or co-workers.

Fire Watch Certification

Our Fire Watch Certification training is a program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to become certified Fire Guards.  They are responsible for maintaining fire safety and security in various settings, such as buildings, businesses, construction sites, special events and more.  Our course covers OSHA Requirements, National Fire Protection Association’s standards (OSHA and NFPA requirements - OSHA 29 CFR § 1915.504 - Fire watches., NFPA 101-3.3.91), and is designed to comply with your local Fire Marshal’s guidelines. 

Our course modules include - Fire Safety Principles, Building and Fire Code Knowledge, Fire Detection Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Crowd Control, Legal and Regulatory Requirements, Communication and Reporting, and Emergency Response (Learning how to respond to fire emergencies, including evacuating occupants, assisting with fire drills, and coordinating with local emergency services).

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First-Aid, CPR, and AED

Deltacon Global has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide in-house training for all our security and investigative staff. We far exceed industry, state, and federal requirements for security and investigations officer eligibility requirements.

All our staff carry current certifications for first-aid, CPR, and AED (Adult and Children). We understand that there will be occasions when our personnel will become the initial first respondents or on-scene commanders, a responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Our mantra has always been and remains – safety and security of lives and properties.

Bloodborne Pathogens

This is another additional course provided to our Security and Investigation Officers to prevent exposure to blood and other body fluids. The pathogens of primary concerns are the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), and hepatitis C virus (HCV).

At the end of this course, you will be able to prevent exposure, know what you must do if you think you may have been exposed to any blood borne pathogen, and identify the symptoms associated with it.

This course meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogen.

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